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[Aug.2021] Gyeonggi-do Hosts the Second Online Medical Conference for the Mongolian ...

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  • Date 2021-12-15
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Gyeonggi-do Hosts the Second Online Medical Conference

for the Mongolian Medical Korea Gyeonggi Training Program Alumni




Gyeonggi-do has been hosting the “2021 Medical Korea Gyeonggi Online Conference” to ensure continuous academic exchanges and greater personal networks among the alumni of the Medical Korea Gyeonggi Training program and the Gyeonggi-do medical institutions that have participated in the program.


The first conference successfully took place in Bundang Jesaeng General Hospital by the urology and radiology departments on June 25th for the medical staff from Tashkent Medical Academy of Uzbekistan who had participated in the training program. The second conference took place on August 5th with the program alumni from Mongolia.


Medical staff from Wiltse Memorial Hospital and six Mongolian medical staff members from the neurology department of Mongolian State 2nd General Hospital, including Tumurbaatar Delgerkhuu, participated in the second conference. The Mongolian participants had taken part in the training program at Wiltse Memorial Hospital in Gyeonggi-do from 2016 to 2019, and since then have been greatly contributing to the development of public healthcare in their country.


Topic of the Conference: Biportal Endoscopic Spinal Surgery


During the presentation on biportal endoscopic spinal surgery (BESS) by Director Jang Jae-won from the neurology department of Wiltse General Hospital, the Mongolian medical staff actively participated with questions and discussions. Murun Temuujin, who had just started to conduct BESS, asked about anesthesia and how to eliminate causes of bleeding. And many other Mongolian medical staff members showed avid interest with detailed questions including those on surgical instruments.


Gyeonggi-do and the medical institutions that had hosted the training program came together for the conference to provide an opportunity for medical staff who cannot engage with one another face-to-face due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic to meet online. In particular, the medical staff who had completed the Medical Korea Gyeonggi Training program will be able to come across the newest healthcare technologies available in Korea.


More online conferences are planned until the end of the year with the Catholic University of Korea Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, Myongji Hospital, and the National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital.