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[Nov.2021] Gyeonggi-do Recruits a Social Media Reporter Group to Promote its Excellent Healthcare...

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  • Date 2021-12-16
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Gyeonggi-do Recruits a Social Media Reporter Group to Promote its Excellent Healthcare Services



[Photograph] ※ Screenshots of videos produced by the Social Media Reporter Group


Gyeonggi-do recruited five foreigners to become part of the “Medical Gyeonggi Social Media Reporter Group” in October.

The “Medical Gyeonggi Social Media Reporter Group” is organized by Gyeonggi-do and involves Koreans and foreigners interested in creating video contents stemming from visits to healthcare institutions, with the filmed videos subsequently uploaded online. The videos will share the characteristics and strengths of hospitals in Gyeonggi-do with the world.

The Medical Gyeonggi Social Media Reporter Group this year is comprised of five influencers from the U.S., Russia, Pakistan, and Turkey living in Korea. They are active communicators over Instagram and YouTube.

The five individuals who were selected participated in an orientation session over Zoom. They were matched with a healthcare institution, and after going through a planning meeting, they will film videos.

The reporter group will film videos on five healthcare institutions: The Catholic University of Korea Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, NHIC Ilsan Hospital, Myongji Hospital, Wiltse Memorial Hospital, and Bundang Jesaeng General Hospital.

The videos will mostly contain helpful information for foreigners who wish to receive medical treatment in Korea. After the videos are filmed and edited, they will be uploaded on the Medical Gyeonggi YouTube channel and personal social media accounts of the social media reporters in December.

Gyeonggi-do has been organizing the “Medical Gyeonggi Social Media Reporter Group” every year to introduce the healthcare institutions of Gyeonggi-do effectively and efficiently to foreign patients.

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