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[Poskom] a Global Leader in Portable X-Ray Systems

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  • Date 2021-12-24
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Poskom, a Global Leader in Portable X-Ray Systems




Would you provide us with a brief introduction on the history of Poskom.

Poskom was founded in 1994, and has since succeeded in developing our unique high precision SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) for ultrasonic diagnostic systems, military equipment, and precision industry as well as large volume X-ray generators for medical equipment. Based on the techniques that were accumulated over the years, Poskom was able to take first place in the portable x-ray system market share in the world. In 2006, Poskom succeeded in the development and launching of the world’s first battery-powered portable x-ray system. Our latest product,  portable “AirRay-20” is 5 kg in weight including batteries, and so is extremely light and slim, perfect for places where it can be difficult to use large x-ray systems. We are certain that our products will be of great assistance to the treatment of patients who are quarantined due to COVID-19.


Please describe briefly the features and advantages of the portable x-ray system “AirRay-20.”

AirRay-20 scans various parts of the body such as the chest, spine, and lumbar spine and immediately creates high-definition images on digital devices (laptop, PACS, etc.). The camera-type x-ray system is high-powered (90 KV, 20 mA) and extremely lightweight as it weighs less than 5 kg even with its battery. With revolutionarily better function and convenience, it comes with a  DAP function that measures the radiation level and a remote control that can shoot x-rays at a far distance. Also, the system can be charged with a smartphone charger. One of its greatest advantages is that it is possible to scan over 50 T shots when fully charged. It is extremely useful for places where it may be difficult to use large x-ray systems, and also for homecare or remote medical care.


What are your plans for entering the global market? Or, do you have any other direction for your business model?

Currently, our products are now being exported to approximately 40 countries worldwide, including the US, Japan and Europe. It is ironic that the company is more famous for mobile and portable x-ray systems overseas than in Korea. Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing increases in inquiries and sales from not only advanced countries but also developing countries, especially Southeast Asian and CIS countries. We are currently planning to secure technology with innovation and by boldly investing in R&D. In preparation for the post-COVID era and the quick transformation to the contact-free, homecare, and remote medical care market, the company is organizing various collaboration projects with domestic and overseas customers. Also, we plan to construct more factories in response to the increasing demand.