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[Lutronic] Aiming to become a Global Brand with the World’s Best Talents

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  • Date 2021-12-24
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Aiming to become a Global Brand with the World’s Best Talents

Haelyung Hwang (Chairman & CEO)

Please introduce Lutronic to us.

「Asserting our position in the global market with the latest state of the art technologies by way of robust R&D」

Established in 1997, Lutronic is a leading company in medical lasers that has been providing innovative medical lasers to more than 15,000 clinics in 85 countries for about 24 years. In 2002, our lasers were selected as a “World-class Product” by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. In July 2006, nine years after the company was established, we were listed on the KOSDAQ Index. Then in 2020, we were selected as an innovative leader in medical devices by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and have grown to be a company with approximately 500 employees. Our global headquarter is in Korea and overseas subsidiaries are in the USA, Germany, Japan, and China and this enable us to be actively close to medical professionals and patients around the world. One of our strengths is that more than 20% of our employees are engaged in research and development, and we invest more than 15% of our sales back into R&D. As a result, the technology and features of our beauty/medical devices are of the highest quality in the world, and we can confidently claim that our competitive edge is on par or even an improvement with those of other world-renowned companies. In addition to technology related to medical lasers, Lutronic also has over 30 related patents.

Please briefly describe the traits and features of the medical lasers.

「Among the world’s best medical lasers with unique technology」

Based on our own R&D, Lutronic provides various indicated treatment solutions that can treat skin pigmented lesions, wrinkles, scars, and remove hair, offering a wide range of products. “CLARITY-II” is a hair-removal laser, featuring a technology called IntelliTrak that enhances the accuracy and speed of the laser. It operates with a precise overlap function to enhance the effectiveness when used to treat human skin.

“GENIUS” is our best-selling product in the United States market. This anti-aging laser uses AI to control impedance in real-time, and accurately transmits high-frequency energy to a depth set to rejuvenate the skin & induce collagen production.

“ACCUFIT” strengthens muscles and controls and fixes body posture according to individual needs. With a clinical algorithm developed by Lutronic, ACCUFIT strengthens the muscles more effectively by providing stimulation to targeted body parts at the optimal level. Abraham Nova, a world-famous boxer crowned with the WBA super featherweight title, successfully made his comeback after being treated by ACCUFIT. He thanked us by offering to promote it for free by wearing boxer shorts that include Lutronic’s logo. His personal testimony confirmed the efficacy of the of ACCUFIT based on personal experience.


Do you have any plans to enter the foreign market, or what are your future plans or blueprint?

「Aiming to become number 1 in the world, by focusing on the advanced markets and conquering the US market」

Over 80% of our sales are from foreign countries, out of which approximately 60% is from advanced markets including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Latin America. Our four overseas subsidiaries are in charge of exporting our products to approximately 85 countries around the world. The global beauty/medical device market has an average annual growth of 10%, and is expected to reach approximately 7.3 billion dollars by 2025. Based on continuous training, after-service, and investment in R&D, we will sustain the trust for our products and strongly engage the US market that takes up about 40% of the entire industry. This will serve as a foundation for us to become the global top company.


“HOLLYWOOD SPECTRA”, the latest version of the existing Spectra series