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[JAN. 2022] Gyeonggi Province to Continue International Medical Projects in 2022

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  • Date 2022-01-24
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Gyeonggi Province to Continue International Medical Projects in 2022

- Combination of online and offline projects to cope with COVID-19 related restrictions



The Gyeonggi provincial government has been conducting international medical projects to share the region’s advanced medical technology and services with the world. Although international travel restrictions still remain due to the prolonged pandemic, Gyeonggi Province has announced that it would not suspend its international medical activities in 2022 as it plans to bring some of its projects online, including medical training and export conferences for buyers.


The Gyeonggi provincial government is determined to continue exchanges between governments for cooperation in the health and medical field with its major exchange partners, provide training programs for overseas medical personnel, and carry out online promotional activities. The international exchange cooperation and medical personnel invitation programs will be contactless and take place online, in line with COVID-19 related policies. When the situation improves, the invitation programs will return to face-to-face meetings again. The training will be provided to not only medical personnel from the existing exchange partners, but also those from the regions that newly signed a health and medical cooperation MOU with Gyeonggi Province in 2021, such as Darkhan-Uul, Mongolia.


Though Gyeonggi Province has suspended its overseas humanitarian medical services for the past two years due to COVID-19, it has continued activities to help the needy such as sending masks and other quarantine goods and essential medicines to medically underprivileged areas. Gyeonggi Province has also invited severe patients who are unable to receive necessary treatment such as surgery in their home countries to provide free treatment, as well as support for their self-quarantine expenses.



Meanwhile, to help local medical companies exhibiting excellent performance with their advancement into the foreign markets, Gyeonggi Province is planning to support their participation in overseas fairs and host online export conferences. In consideration of industrial demand and the COVID-19 situation, the province will support these companies’ export businesses to a country selected among Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


The Gyeonggi provincial government is also in charge of the registration and management of companies that connect foreign patients to Korean medical institutions and these institutions that treat foreign patients. In addition, the province plans to support and manage these medical institutions so that foreign patients can safely receive high-quality medical services.


Although COVID-19 has made inter-government exchanges and overseas expansion more challenging than before, Gyeonggi Province will keep its international medical projects moving forward in 2022 through continuous communication with its exchange partners.