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[APR. 2022] Gyeonggi-do to host the 2022 Medical Gyeonggi Online Patient Meetings

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  • Date 2022-04-28
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 Gyeonggi-do to host the 2022 Medical Gyeonggi Online Patient Meetings



Gyeonggi-do will provide online patient meetings for patients from Mongolia and Central Asia from May 2 to 27. In this meeting, medical institutions in Gyeonggi-do will be providing assistance to patients who wish to be treated in Korea but cannot visit the country due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.


Gyeonggi-do will receive applications in advance from patients from foreign countries in need of medical treatment in Korea and from medical institutions in Gyeonggi-do who wish to attract foreign patients. The doctors and patients will be matched accordingly, and the pair will have a meeting over the online video call service Zoom.


Eligible countries are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia. Each patient will be able to have one free meeting for up to approximately 20 minutes.


Patients from these countries who wish to take part in the online patient meetings can ask for more information by e-mail ( or Instagram ( They will be provided with a link to sign up for the meetings.


Gyeonggi-do provides patient meetings every year for patients in Russia and Central Asia. Last year, 97 patients were able to meet with doctors from 16 medical institutions in Gyeonggi-do online. In the past, doctors would go to visit the patients in their own countries, but since the outbreak of COVID-19, patient meetings have been switched to online encounters.


● Inquiries

- E-mail:

- Instagram:

- Up for meetings online: (Will be updated soon) 


[Picture from past online patient meeting]