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[Vieworks] Pioneer in the X-ray Detector Market

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  • Date 2022-05-02
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Pioneer in the X-ray Detector Market

 Hooshik Kim / CEO


Please introduce us to Vieworks.

「Aiming to become number 1 in the world by developing new technology and products with continuous R&D」

Founded in 1999, our company manufactures and sells x-ray detectors and high-speed industrial cameras. We are a global top company in the 25.0 megapixel high-resolution camera industry, and in 2009, we were listed on the KOSDAQ market. In December 2021, we received the 100 million dollar export tower award for the first time in the 22 year history of the company. Despite the difficult economic circumstances both at home and abroad due to COVID-19, we were able to increase our sales by 20.5% in 2021 compared to 2020 to KRW 193.1 billion. We have always achieved increases in sales, and since we were listed on KOSDAQ, we have continued our rapid growth streak with annual sales increases of 18% on average. Vieworks has approximately 410 employees in total, working in not only our headquarters, but also our Hwaseong manufacturing and research office and six overseas offices in the US, Europe, and China. At least 11% of revenue from our annual sales is invested in R&D. We aggressively invest in R&D to develop new products with cutting-edge technology in order to compete alongside leaders in the global market.


Please briefly describe the characteristics and strengths of the “x-ray detector.”

「Full product lineup for x-ray imaging solutions」

Since 2012, when we launched our flat panel image x-ray detector VIVIX, we have developed a total of 17 models for various application fields, including Static (S), Dynamic (D), and Mammography (M) series. We are currently working on commercializing proton detectors for the first time in the world, and developing a prototype of a hybrid x-ray detector. In addition, we are expanding our product range as we have developed bioimaging systems that can capture and analyze images of biofluorescent signals from laboratory animals, such as the VISQUE InVivo Elite, InVivo Smart, and InVivo Smart-LF. Vieworks is also the first company to commercialize the Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) technique. As it becomes possible to take x-ray images without a signal connected between the x-ray detectors and generators, existing analog equipment can be easily upgraded to become digital equipment.




What are your future business plans or blueprint after entering the overseas market?

「Strengthening the global network and differentiating ourselves with customized services for each client」

 We are ranked number 3 in terms of the number of x-ray detectors sold in the market, and approximately 80% of our sales come from exports. We will do our utmost to be recognized as a company with the world’s best technology, by continuously expanding our sales channels through partnerships with the world’s top four multinational medical device manufacturers, and entering new overseas markets by providing customized services for each client through our global network. We also plan on entering the in vitro diagnosis industry by developing slide scanners.