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[MAY. 2022] Gyeonggi-do Recruits Social Reporters for Overseas Promotion

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  • Date 2022-05-24
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Gyeonggi-do Recruits Social Reporters for Overseas Promotion of Medical Institutions in the Province


[Photos] ※Social Reporters Recruitment Poster


Gyeonggi-do is recruiting “Medical Gyeonggi Social Reporters.”


“Medical Gyeonggi Social Reporters,” run by Gyeonggi-do, is a project for Koreans and foreign nationals who can create video content and use personal social media effectively to visit medical institutions in person and produce video content to publicize and promote the characteristics and advantages of hospitals in Gyeonggi-do.


The project, which has been operating steadily since 2019, has been introducing hospitals in Gyeonggi-do to foreign patients with realistic content by producing lively videos featuring medical checkups, oriental medicine treatment, physical therapy, and hospital experiences.


This year, a total of four people will be selected as Medical Gyeonggi Social Reporters and the application deadline for the recruitment will be May 31.


If selected as a reporter, recruits will receive orientation training and be matched with medical institutions. Each reporter is expected to plan, film, and edit videos in consultation with matched hospitals. In addition, the reporters will create two video contents of less than five minutes in either English, Russian, or Vietnamese.


Videos will mainly contain content that help advise and inform foreigners who want to receive medical treatments in Korea, and after filming and editing, they will be uploaded on the YouTube channel of “Medical Gyeonggi” and personal social media that is operated by each social reporter from July to August.


Please refer to the poster for more details about the recruitment, and the application for social reporters can be submitted through the application link below.


[Photos] ※ Captured videos produced by social reporters


▶ Download the application form for the “Medical Gyeonggi Social Reporters.”


▶ YouTube video link of “2021 Medical Gyeonggi Social Reporters”