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  • Date 2022-06-24
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Entering the Global Market with the Unique High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Technology



HyunJong Park / CEO


Q.  Please introduce us to Alpinion Medical Systems.


    Competing with global companies utilizing Korea’s first High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) medical device


A.  Founded in 2007, Alpinion Medical Systems specializes in ultrasound devices, with a particular emphasis on our unique probe technology (used for devices that can look inside the human body by sending ultrasound waves to the body and visualizing the reflected waves). After we were acquired by Iljin in 2008, with the financial support of the mother company, we were able to focus on R&D and commercialize ultrasound medical devices using HIFU for the first time in Korea. Now, Alpinion Medical Systems is well known for ultrasound diagnostic and medical devices, as we export our products to approximately 200 countries worldwide. In 2014, we hit the 30 million dollars mark in export revenues, and in 2016, we were designated as one of the 300 World Class companies by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and in December 2021, we were designated as an innovative medical devices company.



Q.  Briefly describe the advantages and features of the “ultrasound diagnostic and medical devices.”


       Responding to customer needs with a wide range of products


A.  Our X-CUBE 90, a premium ultrasound diagnostic device that uses our own probe technology, allows for quick and accurate diagnosis utilizing various diagnostic functions and high-resolution images. Our ALPIUS 900 model incinerates and removes tumors by directing High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to the body in a focused manner. As it uses non-invasive treatment techniques (no cuts or scars), ALPIUS 900 is an ultrasound medical device that provides safe and accurate treatment for patients with uterine fibroids or adenomyosis. ALPIUS 900 is also convenient and easy for the medical staff to handle, provides real-time ultrasound images, and allows for accurate targeting and quick surgical procedures. Lastly, our mini-sized ultrasound diagnostic device, Minisono, allows users to see high-resolution ultrasound diagnostic images when connected to a tablet computer equipped with Windows 10 and a USB. As it is small and portable, it can be used anywhere, including emergency rooms, operating rooms, or when visiting patients at their homes.




Q.  What are your future business plans or blueprint after entering the global market?


       Aiming for a spot on the global top 10 list by supplying products to large hospitals in advanced countries


A.  In 2021, we recorded sales of KRW 62.1 billion and an operating profit of KRW 4.3 billion. This year, we are aiming for sales of KRW 100 billion by improving our product portfolio, focusing on products in the mid-upper price range. We plan to compete with global brands by selling our products to advanced countries and large hospitals with our premium sales strategy. By strengthening partnerships with buyers in the Middle East and our global network that features approximately 200 countries worldwide, and consistently working on R&D, we will place ourselves on the global top 10 list.