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[TASCOM] Unique Technology to Ensure Accurate Point-of-Care Testing

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  • Date 2022-11-28
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Unique Technology to Ensure Accurate Point-of-Care Testing


▲Alex Leesong Ph.D. JD / CEO


Q.   Please introduce TASCOM to us.


        Aiming to become a global diagnostic device company in the at-home care market


A.  Founded in 2014, TASCOM develops and manufactures cell therapy products to treat diabetes and other chronic diseases, and point-of-care testing healthcare devices that enable convenient diagnosis of chronic diseases. In 2015, we were designated as a venture company by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. We attracted investments from various institutional investors including Smilegate Investment and SV Investment, and are currently working on going public by listing on KOSDAQ by 2023.


Our in-vitro diagnostic device SimplexTAS received the CE marking in Europe. For many years, we have been exporting SimplexTAS to 13 countries in Europe, Africa, and South America. At the same time, we are working on research and development of stem cell treatment for diabetes. We will grow as a global company in the at-home care market with continued technology innovation and product development.



Q.  Tell us briefly about the “point-of-care testing medical device.”


       Globally recognized for accurately testing 17 types of disease markers


A.  TASCOM offers SimplexTAS, an in-vitro diagnostic device that allows for point-of-care testing of various diseases to the Korean and foreign markets. Unlike devices used in hospitals, SimplexTAS tests for 17 types of health parameters including glycated hemoglobin and cholesterol levels using a blood test by fingerstick. The device can test up to four samples or four different parameters simultaneously in approximately 13 minutes.


Our device has shown excellent performance. A number of institutions both domestic and abroad, including the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) have evaluated SimplexTAS positively. The results from SimplexTAS can be downloaded on smartphones using a QR code, which allows users to collect big data to analyze the trends of their conditions. We also have patent rights in 14 countries, including Korea, the United States, China and European countries, as well as trademark rights in four countries.





Q.  What are your future plans and blueprint after entering the global market?


      Enter the healthcare big data industry to become a global company


A.  We have been exporting the device to countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Austria, France, Kenya, and Gambia. We are currently in discussions with two major multinational companies in Europe with great market dominance in the field to supply our device. We are also working toward FDA certification in the United States to enter the market. As the importance of remote healthcare and point-of-care testing is increasing day by day in the global healthcare market, TASCOM also aims to enter the healthcare big data industry by making blood test results from our point-of-care testing system accessible to patients and healthcare providers for better management of chronic conditions.