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[Gyeonggi-do and Medical Device Companies] Pioneering the Indonesian Market

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  • Date 2023-09-25
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Gyeonggi Province Medical Device Companies -

Pioneering the Indonesian Market




Gyeonggi Province is deploying various marketing strategies to pioneer the Southeast Asian market for medical device companies.


Gyeonggi Province plans to participate in the medical device exhibition ‘HOSPITAL EXPO 2023’ in Jakarta, Indonesia, from October 18 to 21 and operate a joint booth for Gyeonggi Province medical device companies.


This exhibition, held annually in Jakarta since 1978, is an international-scale event that covers various aspects of the medical field, including international hospitals, clinical medicine, pharmaceuticals, experimental equipment, and more. On average, each year, over 550 companies from 12 countries worldwide participate, and more than 50,000 individuals, including buyers, dealers, medical professionals, and hospital staff, attend the exhibition.


In this exhibition, five leading medical device manufacturing companies representing Gyeonggi Province will participate, showcasing products such as mobile X-ray fluoroscopy devices, real-time gene amplification devices, portable X-ray imaging devices, epidural catheters, and automated hemoglobin measurement devices in the Indonesian market.


On September 6, Gyeonggi Province held a seminar on entering the medical device markets in Vietnam and Indonesia, providing medical device companies with information on the market environment, medical device registration policies, and related topics.


The seminar saw enthusiastic participation, with 90 employees from 80 medical device companies based in Gyeonggi Province, confirming a strong interest in the Southeast Asian market.


Gyeonggi Province held the ‘Gyeonggi Province Medical Industry Online Business Consultation’ in 2021-2022 to expand exports to Indonesia.


In the 2021 consultation, 15 medical device manufacturing companies from Gyeonggi Province participated and conducted one-on-one digital video consultations with Indonesian buyers. During the event, participating companies discussed product descriptions, purchase intentions, and future plans with the buyers. In the 2022 consultation, which was conducted online with local Indonesian companies, 18 medical device manufacturing companies from the province participated, achieving a total of 33 export consultations and a record of UDS 8.43 million in export consultation results.


The companies engaged in one-on-one digital video consultations with Indonesian buyers to provide product descriptions and assess purchase intentions. They also exchanged opinions on the changes in the medical device market based on the step-by-step recovery policies of various countries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


With a population of 270 million people, Indonesia is a massive market with a favorable response to Korean products, making it a promising market for medical industry expansion. Gyeonggi Province intends to actively support the entry of excellent medical devices and healthcare products from the province into this market.