Medical Tour Visa

Medical tour visa (C-3-3, G-1-10)

  • Foreign patient exclusive visa : with a purpose of having treatment in hospital within South Korea.


  • People who need to stay 91 or more days in Korean professional medical institution or sanatorium with a purpose of treating diseases or recuperation.
  • Patients and their family members (spouse or children) who wish to nurse the patients. (a multiple visa with 1 year of visit and 1 year of term of validity).
  • C3 (M): Treatment and trip period is 90 or less days (relatively simple treatment, such as plastic surgery)
  • G1 (M): 1 year (long-term medical care and rehabilitation)

Application venue

  • Embassy of the Republic of Korea or Consulate

Required documents

Inviting personnel’s visa documents

  • Certificate of visa issuance application form (1 copy of invitee’s 3×4 color photo should be attached)
  • Invitation statement of reasons
  • Copy of business license or corporate registration
  • Copy of foreign patient’s medical institution or inviting agent registration certificate
  • Medical purpose document issued by medical institution
  • Medical certificate and written opinion from medical institution
  • Treatment/recuperation reservation confirmation document issued by Korean medical institution
  • Agenda for tour
  • Other substantiating documents
  • Foreign patient’s invitation confirmation (for Chinese only)
  • Additional documents upon proxy request
  • ID card and proof of employment
  • Business performance confirmation (name of CEO)
  • Immigration job training certificate (starting from November 1, 2009)

Invitee’s visa documents

  • Copy of visa
  • Copy of inhabitant and census certification (for Chinese only)
  • Substantiating documents for procurement capability regarding treatment and stay
  • Additional documents upon invitation of patient’s family
  • Substantiating documents regarding family relations

Agency Business

  • Business that has been registered as a foreign patient’s subscription service at the Korea Health Industry Development Institute and has permission from the Ministry of Justice to perform agency business.
  • After 2009.11.1, only people with immigration job training certificate among invited organization’s employees can apply for proxy request. If necessary, proxy request can be restricted and supplement document may be required.