[JUN. 2022] Gyeonggi-do to Strengthen International Cooperation Network ...

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  • Date 2022-06-24
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Gyeonggi-do to Strengthen International Cooperation Network between Korea and Mongolia


From June 8 to 10, medical staff from Gyeonggi-do visited Mongolia in Central Asia to identify ways to vitalize international healthcare networks during the post-COVID era. Participants from Gyeonggi-do included staff from hospitals throughout the province, including Myongji Hospital, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Bundang Jesaeng General Hospital, Wiltse Memorial Hospital, and Medipium.


Those who took part in the visit observed surgeries conducted in Mongolian hospitals located in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, and Tuv Aimag, participated in conferences, and signed MOUs for healthcare and medical cooperation. They reaffirmed their willingness to continue participation in exchanges and cooperation in the healthcare sector.



On the first day of the visit, the Gyeonggi-do team visited the Health Development Center under the Mongolian Ministry of Health to participate in a medical staff training session, joint conference and seminar, clinical tests, and other events to discuss possible ways to enhance healthcare capabilities and research skills during a healthcare cooperation working-level meeting.



On the second day, as part of the “2022 Medical Gyeonggi Online Conference,” the Gyeonggi-do team took part in conferences and observed surgeries conducted by the Mongolia National Security Hospital, Asralt Med Hospital, and Second National Hospital located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Wiltse Memorial Hospital and Korea University Ansan Hospital signed an MOU with the Second National Hospital to discuss various ways to cooperate in the healthcare sector. Doctor Jang Jae-won from the Neurosurgery Department of Wiltse Memorial Hospital gave advice while observing a spinal disc surgery at the Second National Hospital. Korea University Ansan Hospital and Wiltse Memorial Hospital took part in the Medical Gyeonggi Neurosurgery Conference that was held at the Second National Hospital. At the Medical Gyeonggi Conference, Murum Temuujin, who used to be a medical trainee at Wiltse Memorial Hospital in 2016, gave a presentation, and Director Jang Jae-won from Wiltse Memorial Hospital gave a presentation on Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy and Discectomy by UBE. After the conference, doctors who wished to receive training in Korea had the opportunity to chat and share their thoughts. Bundang Jesaeng Hospital and Medipium joined the Mongolian National Security Hospital for a conference on treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP) and participated in a medical volunteer event for urology patients. Following the conference, Professor Son Jung-hwan from the Department of Urology gave a presentation, and a Q&A session with Mongolian doctors was held to discuss the medical technology of the two countries and future directions for development. Myongji Hospital also signed MOUs with the First National Hospital and Asralt Med Hospital.


Myongji Hospital also visited the Tuv Aimag Provincial Hospital, where Professor Jeong Jin-ho from the Department of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery and Professor Lee Jeong-hun from the Department of Vascular Surgery observed liver cancer surgery. Myongji Hospital also organized a conference on cancer surgery and other issues related to surgical departments, and hosted a free counseling session for patients.



Since signing the healthcare cooperation MOU with Ulaanbaatar in 2015, Gyeonggi-do has taken part in various network activities with Mongolia including medical staff training programs. Although the network faced difficulties due to the lack of face-to-face events for two years due to COVID-19, the visit to Mongolia allowed the network to flourish once again. The visit to Mongolia reaffirmed the possibilities for Korea and Mongolia to actively join together in healthcare exchanges. Gyeonggi-do will build an even stronger relationship with Mongolia with various activities including healthcare cooperation network strengthening programs, medical staff training sessions, and Medical Gyeonggi conferences.