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[CHA Bundang Medical Center ] Successful Pregnancy of Infertile Couples

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  • Ngày lập 2021-12-27
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uccessful Pregnancy of Infertile Couples, CHA Bundang Medical Center



*Photograph: The embryos and retrieved eggs preserved in the bio tank.


A couple from Kazakhstan and married Russian coordinator overcame infertility delivering a healthy baby

A couple from Kazakhstan over 40 did not have a baby for over 15 years of marriage. Their infertility treatment in Russia and Kazakhstan failed so it led them all the way to Korea. Regardless of their poor condition such as age, decreased ovarian function and ovarian cyst, their embryos were collected. They wanted a baby desperately so we put every effort to find out the reason of IVF failure and increase the implantation rate. Finally, she became pregnant and went back to her country for delivery.

The Russian coordinator of our hospital, who has been translating until now, was suffering from spontaneous pregnancy loss, but finally she delivered a healthy baby through infertility treatment.


Healthy twins were born by IVF of frozen eggs

People who freeze their eggs are increasing due to late marriage. Ms.A came to the hospital because she was worried about decreased ovarian function after ovarian cyst removal and oophorectomy due to endometriosis. Eventually, she decided to freeze her eggs to prepare in advance. Later, Ms.A got married but natural pregnancy did not work well so she had IVF by these eggs. Fortunately, the quality of eggs was very good because they were retrieved when she was young. Later she got pregnant and delivered a healthy twin. This could be possible because the multidisciplinary care was provided not only from fertility center, but also from gynecologic cancer center and obstetrics department.


It is recommended to have tests when preparing a baby after early 30s

The infertility couples are increasing nowadays and early diagnosis and prevention are very important. Woman’s age is the top priority to concern about pregnancy. However, due to social circumstances, if a woman is over early 30s, she should have fertility screening and start treatment if the risk of infertility is high such as gynecologic diseases or reduced ovarian function.


Aiming to improve infertility with healthy lifestyle

There are many patients who have tried IVF for over 10 years but felt disappointed, frustrated and depressed after failing of pregnancy. Their abdomen is full of bruises due to injections and they suffer both physically and mentally. Our goal is to have a baby, but during the process of heading to the goal, we should observe our dietary habits, sleeping pattern, stress, etc. and fix it to the right. The treatment should be done by improving bad habits and become both physically and mentally healthy.


Introduction of CHA University Fertility Center Bundang

CHA University Fertility Center Bundang is the largest fertility center in Asia with 60 years of reproductive medicine history. As the only fertility center in a university hospital, CHA University Fertility Center Bundang introduces multidisciplinary treatment in fertility to present a new paradigm in fertility treatment. The CHA University Fertility Center Bundang offers future-oriented premium management with integrated medical services, which add highly efficient psychological stabilization programs such as food therapy and meditation to high-tech fertility treatment.


※ Bio Tank : The CHA Bio-Bank stably keeps the inside temperature as -195℃. The embryos and retrieved eggs are safely preserved in the bank.


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