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[NHIS Ilsan Hospital] NHIS Ilsan Hospital opens a comprehensive treatment service ...

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  • Ngày lập 2021-12-27
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NHIS Ilsan Hospital opens a comprehensive treatment service for high-risk patients of vascular diseases


Ilsan Hospital’s Cardiocerebrovascular Center

is composed of the Cardiovascular Disease Team, Cerebrovascular Disease Team, and the Cardiocerebrovascular Disease Team. The center offers one-day treatment including providing test results for patients of cardiocerebrovascular diseases for whom securing the golden hour is key. In case of possible multivascular diseases, the center also provides surgery and treatment for the patient with the Fast Track System.

Patients with general vascular diseases face difficulties as they are either not aware of which department to visit, or have to go through individual tests and treatment for each department. This is why the Cardiocerebrovascular Center is located near the major departments within the hospital. To enhance patient convenience, patient routes within the hospital were planned to the fullest extent for providing tests and treatment. In addition, the center also has test facilities that are frequently used.

Six departments (Neurosurgery, Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Endocrinology, Cardiology, and Thoracic Surgery) related to vascular diseases organically cooperate at the center. The teams collaborate to provide multidisciplinary treatment and screen blood vessels in the entire body to provide appropriate comprehensive treatment for the patients.


In particular, the Hybrid Operating Room, a cutting-edge type of operating room, allows for reoperation and surgical operations to take place at a single location. This allows patients to simultaneously go through the diagnosis, procedures, and surgeries needed to treat vascular diseases. As a result, we can effectively secure the golden hour for emergency vascular disease patients with problems in the heart, brain, aorta, or the veins. Also, the One Stop System that includes interventions and emergency surgeries enhances patient convenience and safety for faster responses.

The Hybrid Operating Room is an aseptic operating room, with cutting-edge digital angiography equipment, operating tables that allow for examinations and surgeries, and cutting-edge medical equipment including assessment equipment for analyzing patient treatment results. With greater convenience and safety for the patients, we provide the best quality medical services.

In preparation for procedures and surgeries that take place simultaneously, or emergency situations where the patient needs to go through a surgery during a procedure, we also have a closely-knit multidisciplinary system with the Cardiology Department, Neurosurgery Department, and the Anesthesiology Department and a comprehensive treatment system, to focus on enhancing the treatment effects of our patients.


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