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[DS MAREF] Exclusively Devoting to Pneumatic Medical Devices ....

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  • Date 2022-08-26
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Exclusively Devoting to Pneumatic Medical Devices for 36 years with competitive technology

Q. Please introduce us to the DS MARIF.


     Global leader in the pneumatic medical device industry

A.  Our company was founded in 1986 and has grown into one of the best pneumatic medical device manufacturing enterprises in Korea, acquiring quality control certification that is acknowledged in the global market through its continuous effort in research and development for the last 36 years. Now we are on a par with our overseas competitors in the global pneumatic medical device market and exporting our products to nearly 80 countries. Working toward our goal “Improvement of Human Health”, our company is putting in a lot of effort to develop not only surgery assisting devices and physiotherapy·rehabilitation devices but also everyday use medical devices such as skin care and home care devices.

Q.  ‘Briefly talk us through the strong points of the ‘Thrombosis Prevention System’.

        Highly competitive with its lineup of various products

A.  The ‘Phlebothrombosis Prevention System’ domestically developed by our company for the first time in Korea is a medical device that is designed to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) resulting from trauma or surgery and leading to pulmonary embolism and even death. The existing phlebothrombosis prevention methods were not effective because they relied on using medicine that dissolves phlebothrombosis or compression stockings. Our company’s ‘DVT-3000 and 4000s’ can be used alone or along with the existing prevention methods, and can be used by those who can not take the dissolvent or are high risk patients. That is why using our products can be claimed to be more effective in preventing DVT and thus significantly reduce risk of death.

The hot and cold pneumatic pain control system ‘CTC-7’ is a multi-functional and portable device that conjoins a hot and cold treatment with pneumatic medical technology. This device can be used for hot, cold and contrast (hot and cold) treatments without having to use ice, and each of these treatments can be combined with pneumatic pressure to help relieve inflammation and edema of patients suffering from various kinds of injuries or those undergoing rehabilitation while providing effective treatments for acute and chronic pain.

The lymphedema management system ‘DL-1200H’ is a device that provides intensive and delicate care around the lymphatic glands while applying pressure of 10~20mmHg on the upper and lower limbs just like the manual lymph drainage (MLD) methods performed by physiotherapists. This device adopts the intermittent pneumatic compression system (IPC) that can help improve circulation and edema of patients suffering from ‘lymphedema’.



Q.  Any plan to expand into overseas markets and what is the company’s future direction or blueprint?

      Entering into the US market is expected to become visible once all the products have been approved by the FDA in the US.


A.  Sales in the European market which has been sluggish in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will be promoted once again. At the same time, it is expected that entering into the US market will become visible once all our products have been approved by the FDA. Also, when registration with major group purchasing organizations (GPO) in the US is completed, it is anticipated that this will be of great help in strengthening sales in the US. We will grow into a leader in the total healthcare industry by achieving our growth target of 200 per cent within five years through constant efforts in research and development.