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[Noul] Aiming for the Global Top-tier with Innovative Technology

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  • Date 2022-09-27
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Aiming for the Global Top-tier with Innovative Technology



Q.  Briefly introduce NOUL to us.


       Positively impacting the lives of 1 billion people         worldwide with excellent products and services


A.  NOUL, founded in 2015, is the only company which manufactures decentralized diagnostic testing platform in the world and listed on KOSDAQ in March 2022. With a mission to “Investigate challenges that threaten the health and lives of humanity to find new solutions and realize possibilities,” we focused on developing innovative products that can provide accurate diagnostic results, which are on par with the level of large hospitals, even in small neighborhood hospitals that do not have sufficient infrastructure. Accordingly, we were able to develop miLab, the world’s first and only diagnostic testing platform that automated all processes of testing, starting from preprocessing blood samples to announcing results. In 2020, NOUL successfully developed a solution to diagnose malaria, one of the three major infectious diseases, utilizing blood, and in 2021, we developed a blood cell analyzing solution. In the midium to long-term, we aim to expand the range of our diagnostic services by including essential diagnostic tests such as cancer tests in our platform to become the best global company.



Q.  Tell us about the characteristics of the “diagnostic testing platform.”


       miLab, the world’s only decentralized diagnostic testing platform


A.  miLab is a decentralized diagnostic platform that provides an accurate and reliable diagnosis that is on par with the level of large diagnostic labs. "Decentralized" means that the platform can be used not only in large hospitals but also in the medical field. miLab is a healthcare diagnosis platform that assists the diagnosis of diseases by analyzing the blood and tissue cells of humans based on deep technology that converges Next Generation Staining and Immunostaining (NGSI), our unique technology, AI, and hardware. miLab automatically goes through all processes of microscopic examinations including preprocessing the blood sample, imaging, and AI analysis, and provides a detailed result in 15 minutes. Currently, it can diagnose malaria and analyze peripheral blood. The platform is praised for having great range of applications including diagnosing various types of cancer such as cervical cancer just by changing cartridges.



Q.  What are your future business plans or blueprint after entering the global market?


        Add various cartridges to diagnose different diseases to become a truly global company


A.   miLab is currently used to develop new drugs at the global pharmaceutical company and is also used at KDCA, Institut Pasteur, Instituto de Salud Carlos III in Spain, National Center for Malaria and Vector Control in the UAE, and the Boston Children’s Hospital. In addition, the use of miLab is rapidly spreading in Nigeria, where 70 million people suffer every year from malaria. We will secure a sustainable growth engine by adding new cartridges that can diagnose different diseases including heat illnesses, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and more, and provide more products and services to become the best global company to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people worldwide by 2030.