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[Dongseo Medicare] High-Frequency Hyperthermia Device for Cancer Treatment

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  • Date 2023-03-03
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High-Frequency Hyperthermia Device for Cancer Treatment




Q. Introduce us to Dongseo Medicare. 


   "Leader in high-frequency hyperthermia device for cancer treatment, Dongseo Medicare"


 A. Dongseo Medicare was founded in 1995 and is turning 29 this year. We offer radiology devices including CT, MRI, and X-ray, and our mammography device ranked first in domestic sales. We were designated as a venture company by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in April 2016. Currently, we offer Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy System (VABBS), fine needle biopsy devices, and ultrasound devices, as well as equipment used in various surgeries. We were the first company in Korea to receive a high-level sanitation permit for ultrasound probe UV sterilizers from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. We offer the Celief Series, which comprises high-frequency hyperthermia devices for cancer treatment developed from our unique technology. We have continued to invest in R&D and were able to receive approval from the MFDS for our Celief 1100, 1200, and 2000 models. We always do our best to develop devices that meet the demands of our customers. We plan to launch an innovative high-frequency hyperthermia device that will lead the global trend. Based on continued trust from our customers and our excellent technology, we plan to strengthen our R&D in the competitive medical device sector. Everyone at Dongseo Medicare makes the utmost effort to realize our vision of “A society with good people, a society with healthy people, and a company with good people.”



Q. Briefly introduce us to the “high-frequency hyperthermia device for cancer treatment.”


  "Cost-efficient with domestic components, and fast customer service"


 A. The name of our “Celief” Series comes from “cell” and “relief,” meaning relief for the cells. The name comes from our hope to provide relief from cellular damage caused by cancer cells. Our high-frequency hyperthermia device was approved as a cancer treatment device. With high-frequency waves of 13.56MHz, it is possible to increase the temperature of the cancer tissue within the body to 43°C, killing the cancer cell. To ensure safety, we have conducted multiple tests including animal tests. We have used our own technology to design the machine and the circuit to reduce manufacturing costs, supply components quickly, and offer efficient services. We have also optimized the device space by placing the high-frequency wave launcher and the matcher underneath the table. Both convenience and efficiency are further maximized with a 10.4” LCD monitor. Moreover, electrodes with fully automatic impedance enable enhanced treatment capabilities. Featuring temperature-increasing waterbeds and 100% domestically sourced components, Dongseo Medicare is well positioned to supply or exchange parts quickly and offer affordable maintenance services. Another advantage is that our R&D center can quickly respond to customers’ demands.



Q. What are your future business plans or blueprint after entering the foreign market?


 "Reach for the global market with better technology, and become a global company by entering the European market"


 A. By continuing to focus on R&D, we are working to develop products that are trusted by customers and received globally. Last year, we launched a mobile version of high-frequency hyperthermia devices for cancer treatment to enhance user and patient convenience. We will soon launch an upgraded version. Patients with mobility difficulty no longer have to visit hospitals, but can have the devices transported to them to receive treatment. This has greatly enhanced patient convenience. As the first step to entering the global market, we participated in the MEDICA Trade Fair held in Düsseldorf, Germany in November 2022. Attendees from over 20 countries showed interest in our device. To take the leading position in the global market, we plan to work on receiving approval from the CE or the FDA. We also have a high-frequency device for urology treatment using the same methodology, which is currently preparing for a clinical test at the MFDS. Dongseo Medicare aims to become a globally recognized company after entering the European and American markets.