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[MR] MR’s Non-Contact and Non-Invasive Medical Devices Using Electromagnetic Stimulation

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  • Date 2023-03-27
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                     MR’s Non-Contact and Non-Invasive Medical Devices                 

Using Electromagnetic Stimulation




Q. Please give us a brief outline of MR Inc.


    MR, a company specializing in electromagnetic stimulators


A. This year, our company has marked the 19th anniversary since its founding in 2004. We were granted a venture business certification from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2017 and were designated as a promising exporter among Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 2018. As we obtained a CE mark, the European Union's mandatory conformity mark required for the products marketed within Europe, for our medical devices using magnetic stimulation in December 2019, these medical devices are currently being sold in about 25 countries. Further, building on the advanced technologies and unrivaled expertise we have displayed while specializing in magnetic stimulators as well as the great deal of trust many customers have placed in our products, we are continuing to actively negotiate with overseas companies, aiming to reach global top markets.


Q. Please give a brief explanation about the strong points of ‘electromagnetic stimulators’.


    Convenient use and economical efficiency


A. Therapy with electromagnetic stimulation is indicated to treat various neurological and musculoskeletal diseases as a powerful pulsed magnetic field generated instantaneously penetrates into the body. Our magnetic stimulators have advantages as a non-contact and non-invasive treatment, for example eliminating the inconvenience of having to take off clothes before using them, and are safe enough to pose no risks of tissue damage and infections, unlike electrotherapy. Our devices also feature the world’s highest output intensity, low failure rates resulting from a product design centered on robustness, low maintenance expenses with no special consumables, and great convenience with easy ways to use. We have been granted a patent for the pulsed power supply and cooling system, the core technology for the electromagnetic stimulation system. The electromagnetic stimulators are intended mainly to treat pains, paralysis, and urogenital diseases, and may be applied in almost all hospitals with a physiotherapy clinic. Furthermore, they are also widely available in the departments of anesthesiology, rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics, genitourinary medicine, etc.



Q. What is your vision regarding entry into more global markets and future business strategies?


    Growth into a leading global company through continuous expansion of our presence in global markets


A. Currently, our products are being sold in more than 25 countries across the world including Europe. Since our participation in an exhibition in Germany last year, we have received many inquiries from potential buyers overseas. In addition, we are in the process of completing registration for the marketing of our medical devices in some overseas countries. We also anticipate making further progress in our strategy to establish a presence in more lucrative markets globally. We are committed to building up a unique product portfolio through the continuous pursuit of R&D in order to serve our customers and meet current global needs, thereby growing into a leading company in the field of electromagnetic stimulation systems in global markets and making a meaningful difference in the quality of life of the people we serve.