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[AGNES] Kill Two Birds of Innovation and Growth with One Stone

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  • Date 2023-04-21
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Kill Two Birds of Innovation and Growth with One Stone



Q. Please introduce us to Agnes Medical.


     Aiming to become a leader in high-frequency aesthetic medical devices with continued innovation and R&D


A. Since 2013, we have been manufacturing and marketing Agnes, a high-frequency medical device. In 2018, we branched off from the Medical Department of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics, and since then, have been growing as an expert company in high-frequency aesthetic medical devices. Capitalizing on years of know-how in the medical industry, we have been manufacturing and developing medical devices based on skin science. In 2018, we were designated as a venture company, and in 2019, we were awarded the One-Million-Dollar Export Tower. Last year, in 2022, we were awarded the Three-Million-Dollar Export Tower.


We focus on R&D to deliver innovative and safe solutions for both doctors and patients, and place great emphasis on providing our business partners with opportunities to grow and succeed with safe and effective medical devices that both doctors and patients can be satisfied with. With continued R&D to ensure sustainable innovation and customer satisfaction, we plan to become a global leader in high-frequency aesthetic medical devices.


Q. Briefly introduce us to the characteristics of the “high-frequency aesthetic medical device.”


    Offering synergistic effects through customized procedures with minimal pain


A.  Agnes is a high-frequency needle device that uses a total of nine types of needles to provide customized procedures based on skin conditions. As the device only delivers high-frequency energy in selected areas, it is possible to administer sophisticated and precise therapeutic treatments. Also, with an internal camera, it is possible to check the shape of the electrode tip on an LCD screen, ensuring that all procedures are safe.


DoubleTite is a new device that combines a high-frequency energy and the administration of an injection in a single device. The RI-13 needle that is used in DoubleTite has a total of 13 pins, with eight 0.4mm-long shorter pins and five 1.0mm-long longer pins. By using needles of different lengths, we can send high-frequency energy to both the papillary dermis and reticular dermis of the derma at the same time. This leads to the regeneration of collagen in a more effective manner. As it is also possible to inject substances, DoubleTite can inject appropriate substances that are suitable and effective for different skin conditions pertaining to the reticular dermis. As a result, the patient can expect to experience and witness synergistic results with little discomfort.




Q. What are your future plans or blueprint after entering foreign markets?


     Continue to expand into foreign markets to become a global company


A.  Agnes, our high-frequency medical device, has been FDA and Ce-certified. We market it in North America and Europe, including US, Germany, Poland, and CIS, as well as in Asian countries including Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines, and have been recording great sales. In addition, DoubleTite, which was launched last year, has garnered great attention from the market and has become one of our flagship devices. Based on such excellent technology, we are continuously seeing increases in sales in not only Korea but also in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. In the future, we plan to receive FDA certification for DoubleTite to generate a surge in sales in the American market.