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[JUL. 2022] Introducing Medical Devices Made in Korea in 3D Videos

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  • Date 2022-07-28
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Introducing Medical Devices Made in Korea in 3D Videos


Since 2021, the Gyeonggi-do government has been supporting medical device manufacturers in the province to develop promotional 3D videos. The project started with the goal to support companies experiencing difficulty launching face-to-face promotion and marketing efforts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative aims to help medical devices enter the foreign market and expand sales routes.


[Photograph] ※Screenshot of promotional 3D videos of medical devices in 2021


Last year, five companies were selected to create promotional 3D videos. They were able to promote their implant devices, orthodontic brackets, dental handpieces, baby warmers, and real-time gene amplification devices.


-List of Companies Selected in 2021

HANS KOREA – Dental implant device


Medicen – Orthodontic bracket


DUNAMIS DENTAL – Dental handpiece


Bistos – Baby warmer

ConnectaGen – Real-time gene amplification device


This year, five new companies have also been selected. They are currently working on their promotional 3D videos for their medical devices. This year’s companies are the best-in-class among medical device manufacturers in Gyeonggi-do. They manufacture in-vitro insulin injectors, polydioxanone sutures, rapid diagnostic kit readers, orthopedic and multi-spine braces, and custom abutments.


-List of Companies Selected in 2022

EOFLOW – In-vitro insulin injector

N-Finders – Polydioxanone suture

MICO BIOMED – Rapid diagnostic kit reader

WOORIMEDI – Orthopedic and multi-spine braces

GENO – Custom abutment


The videos show 3D versions of the medical devices, allowing viewers to easily understand them. The companies make great use of the videos to promote the devices to foreign markets via their website or YouTube channels. After the videos are completed, the companies selected this year will also use them not only online but also at face-to-face events.

The Gyeonggi-do government provides great support not only for hospitals but also for the overall healthcare industry to contribute to the growth of the healthcare sector in the province.


  ▶YouTube link to the “2021 promotional 3D videos of medical devices”: